Open Stack Summit – 2016

The Open Stack Summit of 2016 was held this year in Austin on April from the 25th to the 29th. The event, led by OpenStack, hosts many prominent heads in the field of cloud computing, allowing many to talk about and showcase their work.

The Open Cloud Institute (OCI), a cloud computing institution located at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), had sponsored a booth at the event, which was funded by National Science Foundation and Chameleon Cloud Research Grant. The booth was partnered with Indiana University, UT TAAC, UTSA, and Jetstream. The purpose of the booth was for driving Security & Data Analytics research at UTSA.

UTSA Representatives at the booth were Mauli Agrawal, the Interim Provost; Bernard Arulanandam, the Interim VP for Research; Harry Millwater, the Associate Dean for Engineering; Paul Rad, a Chief Research Associate for OCI; Jeff Prevost, a Chief Research Associate for OCI; Rajendra Boppana, a Chair for the Computer Science department; and Open Cloud Institute research fellows.


The keynotes of the summit had expressed a message of realizing diversity within the IT field ( “Bimodal IT”, focusing “on stability” with one mode and “on agility” with the other ) as well as collaboration and coherence of the various companies and fields of Cloud technology.

The Open Cloud Institute had lead a panel discussion at the event, discussing the use of Cloud computing for scientific research.

For more information and videos about the summit, visit OpenStack’s Austin Summit webpage here.