OCI Honors Women in Cloud

The month of March is Women’s History Month, a time to reflect on and celebrate the contributions of women to history, culture, and society. As part of Women’s History Month, OCI is highlighting Dr. Sanchita Ghose and Shriya Prasad for their work as women in cloud.

Dr. Sanchita Ghose is an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at San Francisco State University who completed her Ph.D. and the Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing program at UTSA under the direction of her supervisor and OCI Executive Director Dr. Jeff Prevost.

Currently, she is working toward Cloud-based integrated system designs incorporating automatic visual-to-sound synthesizers.

Dr. Ghose envisions building a research program that develops cyber-physical/IoT systems for human sensory augmentation using Advanced AI Techniques​.

Shriya Prasad is a Data Science Consultant with the management firm Sia Partners who completed her Master’s Degree in Computer Science and the Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing program at UTSA.

She is currently working on large language models and to build models to help with regulatory reviews and understand how regulations from different countries work.

Shriya is grateful for the opportunities OCI gave her, including learning about research and writing technical papers, and for introducing her to the world of Data Science and Machine Learning.

OCI is proud of the work Dr. Ghose and Shriya have completed and their continued contributions to the field of cloud!