OCI Assistant Director Receives Prestigious Honor from National Academy of Inventors

Congratulations to OCI Co-Founder and Assistant Director Paul Rad, who is one of four UTSA professors named to the prestigious Senior Member designation by the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)!

Dr. Rad received patents for his inventions related to artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for workload scheduling and security on multi-clouds. One was for systems and methods for scheduling of workload-aware jobs on multi-clouds and for systems and methods for secure file transmission and cloud storage. He received an additional patent for “Intellectual Property Transitioning to Industry,” where some of his AI algorithms have been licensed to a startup in Austin.

“It is an honor to be recognized nationally by peers and highlight the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship of our community,” said Dr. Rad. “In any of these projects, I have done nothing alone, so I would like to thank all my collaborators, mentors, and students for helping along the way.”

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